Quality Courses

All of our courses are led by experienced K-12 educators.

PLS Classes are taught by a team of highly qualified faculty. Our master facilitators have a command of both theory and practice and use diverse instructional strategies for mastery and real-life application of learning. Our PLS staff consistently observes, evaluates, and collects student feedback on all faculty as we recognize the importance of reflective practice in the discipline of education. 

Each PLS Classes Instructor Screening & Training


Candidates for teaching PLS courses must meet the minimum requirements of an earned master’s degree (or doctoral degree depending on the graduate level taught), a minimum of 5 to 7 years of teaching experience, and recognition by peers and administrators of exceptional teaching skill.

Formal Interview

Candidates go through a formal application and interview process where we determine if the candidate holds particular characteristics and qualities sought in an instructor. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Initial Training

Qualified instructor candidates receive formal training from an experienced mentor for each course they hope to teach. Specialized training emphasizes skills used in online and on-site learning environments.

Ongoing Training

All PLS instructors receive ongoing guidance and support, both during a course and between course offerings, from PLS and master instructors.

Continuous Evaluation

At the conclusion of each class, participants formally evaluate the instructor’s efficacy, the class experience, and the course in general. These evaluations are returned to our central office and scored. The instructor and partner institution each receive a composite summary of the evaluations, including written comments. Instructors use this feedback to adjust and improve how they teach the course.

Regular Instructor-Training Meetings

PLS conducts regular intensive instructor meetings, during which instructors have the opportunity to engage in serious dialogue about systemic matters and individual courses. PLS instructors also have time to improve their own instructional expertise through peer-led demonstrations and collaborative discussions.

Consistency at Multiple Locations

PLS assures consistency among courses offered through partner institutions by different instructors. PLS courses are subject to close scrutiny from all partner institutions that offer graduate credit, and instructors are selected for their willingness to adhere to PLS expectations for instructor professionalism.

Our Commitment to Our Instructors

The differentiated instructor-training process—coupled with specific instructor guides for on-site courses—assures that all participants receive a comparable learning experience, regardless of how, where, or with whom they take the course. PLS conducts regular observations and representatives of partner institutions are invited to visit on-site courses without prior announcement or observe course interactions for courses delivered online.

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