Our Mission & Vision

To support and strengthen educators to advance the life prospects of every student.

Partnering with PLS Classes gives your college or university more opportunities to enrich more students.

Lifelong Professional Growth

For over 50 years, PLS has been dedicated to supporting teacher effectiveness in K-12 schools by delivering affordable and convenient professional growth opportunities that have impacted the daily practice of more than 500,000 educators around the world. Our online and on-site graduate-level and professional development courses are rooted in research-based practices, rigorous coursework, and relevant technologies.

Our Foundation

PLS Classes is a division of PLS 3rd Learning which is an organization dedicated to continuous improvement in K-12 schools by combining leading-edge thinking in education with advanced information and communications technologies.  PLS 3rd Learning focuses on the development of web-based systems and professional learning approaches that promote and enhance educator effectiveness.