Our Foundation

PLS Classes is a division of PLS 3rd Learning

PLS 3rd Learning is an organization dedicated to continuous improvement in K-12 schools by combining leading-edge thinking in education with advanced information and communications technologies. PLS 3rd Learning focuses on the development of web-based systems and professional learning approaches that promote and enhance educator effectiveness. We are committed to supporting educators to advance the life-prospects of every student.

How? We develop projects and solutions to support:

  • State & Regional Agencies – With projects like Future Ready PA Index and the TEKS Resource System, we help state and regional agencies best position themselves to support teachers, students, and parents.
  • School & District Leaders – At PLS, we help school leaders facilitate student success through initiatives such as the AAIE Institute for International School Leadership and our online leadership evaluation platform, SuperEval.
  • Curriculum & Instruction – Our primary focus is the development of technology-based and professional learning opportunities that promote and enhance educator effectiveness through projects such as PLS Classes, where we provide graduate courses for K-12 educators.

Our Commitment to Lifelong Professional Growth

For over 40 years, PLS has been dedicated to supporting teacher effectiveness in K-12 schools by delivering affordable and convenient professional growth opportunities that have impacted the daily practice of more than 250,000 educators around the world. Our online and on-site graduate and professional development courses are rooted in research-based practices, rigorous coursework, and relevant technologies.

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