Expand, Update, and Refresh

Your Graduate Degree Programs

Partnering with PLS Classes gives your college or university more opportunities to enrich more students. Here’s how:

Offer Flexible Degree Programs

Meet the learning needs of your students while engaging even the busiest educators. Our courses are available in both online, online accelerated, self-paced, and on-site (currently replaced by remote learning) formats which makes creating a flexible Master’s program easy. Pair our courses with yours, and offer additional methods of earning credits to create a personalized learning experience. You offer options, and your students choose how they would like to achieve their goals.

Expand Online Course Options

Online Master’s degrees continue to gain popularity. With over 24 online courses our courses can serve as a foundation for your existing or new online degree programs.

Offer More Electives

Would your current grad program benefit from more diverse elective options? Seed your program with our online, on-site, and self-paced courses to help expand course options and differentiated content for your students.

Create New Degree Programs

We stand by our courses, and our catalog is strong enough to be the basis of a brand new degree program. From teacher effectiveness to instructional coaching, create a graduate program that is unique to your school and the needs of your students. 

To see a collection of our current Master’s programs with our partnering universities, please visit our Master’s Programs page.