Why our Partners, Participants and Instructors

Love PLS Classes

Here’s what some of our university partners, participants and instructors have to say about their experiences with PLS Classes:

Valerie B.

Has taken 9 PLS courses.

“As a teacher, I feel that I have gained a great deal of knowledge from the PLS classes I have taken. The format is excellent and extremely teacher-friendly. The instructors do a phenomenal job of creating an environment where teachers are encouraged to learn and grow as professionals. I exited each class with an abundance of effective strategies and teaching practices. Upon returning to the classroom, my students responded positively and exhibited an increased level of engagement. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience.”

Mike B.

“There was a wealth of information presented and many practical and relevant strategies that I can take back to my classroom and implement immediately. This graduate course expanded my knowledge and left me with questions to delve into more deeply to continue the lifelong learning process.  I also think it supported what we do in our classrooms daily and was very adaptable to different venues of teaching.”

Ricky M.

“The course, Meaningful Activities to Generate Interesting Classrooms™ (MAGIC) served as a breath of fresh air and has helped me put a little more life and excitement into my classroom. I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the course. This class opened my eyes to many useful ideas for my students. I was at first skeptical about whether this class would offer what it said, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I believe this course should be required of all faculty, both new teachers and faculty members who have been around for a while.” 

Jill L.

“My PLS instructor was beyond knowledgeable with the content and encouraged critical thinking and meaningful discussions throughout the course. Whenever I had a question or thought, she offered helpful feedback and was extremely prompt in communicating with me. She definitely was on this journey with me throughout the content, and not just someone on the other end grading my assignments. It was a pleasure to experience this course WITH this instructor!”

Dr. Karim Medico

Associate Professor/Chair

“Our curricular collaboration with PLS over the years has proven to be a true strength of our master’s programming. Together, we provide varied expertise, united expectations for excellence, and a commitment to student learning that is at the forefront of our work. Not only do we value our existing partnerships, but are always seeking new ways to meet student needs with innovative programs.”

Dr. Chuck Sengstock

Director Continuing Education and Professional Development School of Education

Drake University has partnered with PLS 3rd Learning since the 1970’s when PLS 3rd Learning courses were used to develop the School of Education’s first master’s degree. Since then, we have worked collaboratively to offer face-to-face and online courses to tens of thousands of educators across Iowa and the world. PLS courses are developed and facilitated by expert educators and provide our students with immediately applicable content. We are proud to say we partner with PLS Classes and believe with their courses, we are making a difference in the lives of teachers and their students.

Megan Gordon ​

Assistant Director, Off-Site Graduate Programs

“TCNJ’s Off-Site Graduate Programs (OSGP) is grateful for the relationship we have formed with PLS 3rd Learning over the course of many years. A PLS Class is required as part of almost every OSGP academic program and we have consistently remarked on our students’ high completion rate for PLS Classes; 95% of students who start a PLS class finish on schedule. Additionally, our students speak highly of their PLS experiences, frequently noting the quality of the reading classes and how the foundations of reading are taught systematically, creating a solid base on which future OSGP courses are built. Finally, we appreciate how PLS Classes are designed in a way that serve our international students who are living and working all over the world. Although asynchronous, students frequently comment on the sense of community formed within their PLS Classes and express that they know one another before actually sitting together in a classroom at one of our local sites. PLS has helped to make the world a more personal place for our global students and we are proud of this continued partnership.”

Tony Hembrock, M.Ed.

Assistant Director, Licensing and EPP Reporting School of Educational Leadership

“Developing students in character, scholarship and leadership are at the heart of Indiana Wesleyan University’s (IWU) mission. Our ability to carry out this mission has been enhanced by our long-term partnership with PLS Classes. Educators from around the state have grown personally and professionally by participating in PLS courses and gaining experience that is relevant, timely, and practical in today’s classrooms. IWU is proud to partner with PLS to equip educators for success.”

Dr. Amy Burniston

Chair, Graduate Secondary Education

“Mercyhurst University could not be more proud of our established relationship with PLS Classes. Our overarching mission within Mercyhurst’s Education Department is to promote effective classroom practice and by extension, provide the next generation of students authentic and engaging educational experiences. PLS is proving to be the exact avenue to evoke that mission. The courses are truly a, “learn it today, use it tomorrow” approach that dovetails perfectly with our programs, our educators, and our university.”

Tara Moffatt, Ed.M.

Online Instructor

I love the balance of engaging with high-quality content/pedagogy and the flexibility of working from home. I appreciate that the PLS team supports high standards in online learning; rubrics push for excellence in teaching.

Jennifer Hund, M.S.

Online Instructor

“Online courses are the future. More and more students are learning via online; why not create a learning environment to move along with that concept?  Many of the lessons require teachers to practice a new technology on their students and report back to the course about how it worked.”

Judy Lalli, M.S.

Online Instructor

“PLS Classes have dramatically changed my own teaching style. Almost daily, I have an “Aha!” moment when I realize I have just used a skill that I learned in a class myself. I love teaching PLS Classes because I love sharing the philosophy and practical techniques of the courses with other teachers. I feel extremely lucky to have this wonderful job where I can interact with other teachers and share the excitement that comes with learning and teaching. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”