University Responsibilities

The PLS Classes model provides our university partners the opportunity to expand their presence and enrollment with a minimal investment of time.

PLS ResponsibilitiesUniversity Responsibilities
Recruit, interview, and compile instructor paperwork and employment documentationApprove instructors
Train instructorsN/A
Evaluate and observe instructorsN/A
Design coursesApprove courses and assign EDU#s
Develop and provide course manuals and materials for instructorsN/A
Develop and provide course manuals and materials for participantsN/A
Schedule classes throughout the stateN/A
Maintain a website that lists classes and has registration capabilitiesN/A
Create flyers, send email blasts, and use social media to market classesMarket classes as appropriate
Register participants and collect paymentsProcess registrations
Submit gradesProcess grades and transcripts
Pay instructors and instructor taxesN/A
Track financialsReconcile financials
Issue payment to the universityN/A