University Responsibilities

The PLS Classes model provides our university partners the opportunity to expand their presence and enrollment with a minimal investment of time.

PLS ResponsibilitiesUniversity Responsibilities
Recruit, interview, and compile instructor paperwork and employment documentationApprove instructors
Train instructorsN/A
Evaluate and observe instructorsN/A
Design coursesApprove courses and assign EDU#s
Develop and provide course manuals and materials for instructorsN/A
Develop and provide course manuals and materials for participantsN/A
Schedule classes throughout the stateN/A
Maintain a Website that lists classes and has registration capabilitiesN/A
Create flyers and conduct email blasts to market classesMarket classes as appropriate
Register participants and collect paymentsProcess registrations
Submit GradesProcess grades and transcripts
Pay instructors and instructor taxesN/A
Track financialsReconcile financials
Issue payment to the universityN/A