Testimonials From Our Partners

“Mercyhurst University could not be more proud of our established relationship with PLS Classes. Our overarching mission within Mercyhurst’s Education Department is to promote effective classroom practice and by extension, provide the next generation of students authentic and engaging educational experiences. PLS is proving to be the exact avenue to evoke that mission. The courses are truly a, “learn it today, use it tomorrow” approach that dovetails perfectly with our programs, our educators, and our university.”

Dr. Amy Burniston
Mercyhurst University | Chair, Grad Secondary Ed

“Wilkes University’s partnership with PLS Classes has spanned several decades. Because of this successful collaboration, we have had the opportunity to reach thousands of educators. The courses and programs Wilkes University offers with PLS provide educators with strategies, pedagogical knowledge, and assessments which they can apply immediately in classrooms, contributing to their professional growth. Through progressive curriculum and course design, PLS has contributed significantly to Wilkes University’s mission to educate teachers and impact PK-12 education.”

Dr. Rhonda Rabbitt
Wilkes University | Dean, School of Education

“Developing students in character, scholarship and leadership are at the heart of Indiana Wesleyan University’s (IWU) mission. Our ability to carry out this mission has been enhanced by our long-term partnership with PLS Classes. Educators from around the state have grown personally and professionally by participating in PLS courses and gaining experience that is relevant, timely, and practical in today’s classrooms. IWU is proud to partner with PLS to equip educators for success.”

Tony Hembrock, MEd
Indiana Wesleyan University | Assistant Director, Licensing and EPP Reporting School of Educational Leadership