Graduate Programs

PLS courses are a great way to expand, update, and refresh your university’s graduate programs. Below are some of the ways  PLS courses can support your success:

Offer Flexible Degrees:

Meet the learning needs of your students while engaging even the busiest educators. Our courses are available in both online, online accelerated, self-paced, and on-site formats which makes creating a flexible Master’s program easy. Pair our courses with yours, and offer additional methods of earning credits to create a personalized learning  experience. You offer options, and your students choose how they would like to achieve their goals.

Expand Your Online Options:

Online Master’s degrees continue to gain popularity. With over 24 online courses our courses can serve as a foundation for your existing or new online degree programs. 

Increase Your Electives:

Would your current grad program benefit from more diverse elective options? Seed your program with our online, on-site, and self-paced courses to help expand course options for your students.

Create a New Degree Program:

We stand by our courses, and our catalog is strong enough to be the basis of a brand new degree program. From teacher effectiveness to instructional coaching, create a graduate program that is unique to your school and the needs of your students. 

To see a collection of our current Master’s programs with partnering universities, please visit our Master’s Programs page.