Research-based Courses

Rigorous, interactive, & practice-based
instruction in flexible settings.

PLS 3rd Learning offers online and on-site graduate courses and professional development programs that translate extensive research and educational theory into applicable teacher practices to support the learning needs of educators and the students they serve.

Our courses are founded on research-based practices, rigorous coursework, and relevant technologies and are delivered by experienced educators. With content that aligns to the research of Danielson and Marzano, as well InTASC and NBPTS standards, all PLS 3rd Learning courses are designed to support, develop, and refine the instructional expertise of teacher-participants.

Our practice-based, experiential approach
accommodates various learning needs.

With an emphasis on multimodal learning, PLS 3rd Learning courses incorporate rich content, peer-to-peer collaboration, and practical teaching strategies to facilitate hands-on learning opportunities in which participants assume roles as active learners.