On-site, Online, and Online Accelerated

Course Types

PLS 3rd Learning provides participants with a unique opportunity to learn in an environment that values their prior experience as working teachers and supports them in their continued growth. Our online and on-site courses are designed to engage participants in interactive instruction and discussion, offered through accredited college partners, and delivered by experienced master instructors.

On-site Courses

Our on-site courses are offered throughout the year in face-to-face meetings in convenient locations. Participants are able to implement, internalize, and practice PLS 3rd Learning skills and strategies in the context of their own classrooms.

Online Courses

Our online courses are fully facilitated and directed over eight-week periods that cycle throughout the year. Each online course provides the knowledge, skills, and strategies educators need to be effective teachers in their unique classroom settings.

Online Accelerated Courses

Our accelerated course format allows participants to complete the full online course in just 4 weeks, while continuing to meet course hour requirements set by our college partners.

Our Instructors