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PLS Classes partners with colleges and universities to provide courses that strengthen and support educators in order to improve the life prospects of every student.

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PLS Classes extends the reach and impact of your education department by offering research-based, cutting-edge education courses for teachers and school administrators.

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PLS Classes increases your online presence with our team of master instructors who teach in multi-modal formats including remote, online, and self-paced.

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PLS Classes provides research-based courses to enhance and grow your PD and master’s offerings — including several higher ed programs.

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Participant, Instructor, and Partner Testimonials

TCNJ’s Off-Site Graduate Programs (OSGP) is grateful for the relationship we have formed with PLS over the course of many years. A PLS class is required as part of almost every OSGP academic program and we have consistently remarked on our students’ high completion rate for PLS classes; 95% of students who start a PLS class finish on schedule. Additionally, our students speak highly of their PLS experiences, frequently noting the quality of the reading classes and how the foundations of reading are taught systematically, creating a solid base on which future OSGP courses are built. Finally, we appreciate how PLS classes are designed in a way that serve our international students who are living and working all over the world. Although asynchronous, students frequently comment on the sense of community formed within their PLS classes and express that they know one another before actually sitting together in a classroom at one of our local sites. PLS has helped to make the world a more personal place for our global students and we are proud of this continued partnership.

Megan Gordon ​

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